You Say

You say I am loud while you rob me of my voice You say I’m free while you take away my choice You say I lazy while you try to break me with manual labour You say I am free to succeed while you tell me you don’t want me as your neighbour You say […]

The role of anger in the process of change

Dr. Valerie Daniel This has been a challenging and emotional two weeks for me as a black, professional woman in the UK. The Black Lives Matter protests has opened wounds that I thought had long healed over. I was very aware that I had scars but I had genuinely thought that since I had managed […]

Exploring the label of ‘the angry black woman’

  Dr Valerie Daniel June 19, 2020 Introduction As a black professional woman I am in this intersectional space of being somewhat respected by my peers whilst still being marginalised within the wider society. I say ‘somewhat’ respected because my entire journey here in England from 1989 until now has been fraught with ‘you are […]

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