Educators for Anti-Racism and Equity

Educators for Antiracism and Equity

We are a group of diverse educators from different subsections of the Education sector who believe we are stronger together and that education has the key to empower. This steering group seeks to be a catalyst for positive change in response to inequity and inherent racism in society, and in reaction to the untimely death of George Floyd due to structural racism still present globally and in the Western, developed world. Educators for Antiracism and Equity seeks to be equitable in its make-up and we believe it is important that our group is made up of 50% BAME educators, and that through collaboration, we engage, support, empower and challenge institutions towards being anti-racist.

We offer research, perspectives, and a signpost to expertise in anti-racist work here in the UK. We work alongside other organisations that believe in social justice as we work together towards a better future for everyone, especially our children. 

How are we different from other groups?

We encourage everyone, no matter your race, ethnicity, gender or however you identify yourself to join us in working towards an anti-racist society. We include representation from across the entire education sector, from Early Years to University, and beyond. We aim to join hands and create allyships with individuals and organisations that seek to eradicate structural and everyday racism, whether overt or in the form of unconscious bias.

Our values and principles

We represent many in the Education sector and believe it is important that we adopt the Nolan Principles of public life. 

These are:

Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty, and Leadership.

We believe that educational institutions must lead the way in being anti-racist. Only through education can we start to see the cultural shift that needs to happen in the work towards equality and equity. The journey towards this may not be easy, but if we commit ourselves together in addressing this, we will ensure that we leave the world in a better place than what it is today. We would like to support any organisation in their work towards this common goal and we aim to challenge structural racism and discrimination.

Together Stronger

Educators for Anti-Racism and Equity (@efaeUK) will work with any group that supports our aims as together, we are stronger. Join us to ensure that our education system is anti-racist and inclusive, free of discrimination and bias.